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    Discover the 2017 Zippo Srl news.
    Zippo, the future of a new generation.
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    Solutions designed
    for your well-being.
    A special department within the company will take care of
    accurate field studies to understand the different directions that the
    market outlines.
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    New light on
    our future.
    The lamps offered by Zippo LEDs are characterized by a beam
    up to 330 ° which allows a light effect
    extremely close to that of traditional incandescent bulbs.

Easy to work, Security & Protection

The company has focused its attention on a distinct sector: Manufacturing material for the professional electrical installations in residential areas, industrial and public lighting. The ZIPPO trademark has been driven onto the market by a young, ambitious and enterprising team who have earned an important position in the major markets in Italy and abroad.

Company Profile Our Products

Zippo. Since 1971 professionality guarantee.

Our appliances are manufactures with first choice materials and have passed strict working and safety tests.


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