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    Cod. 90070
    JUMPER 2.0 L’evoluzione del ponticello
    L’alternativa al sistema tradizionale di ponticelli
    Un prodotto semplice di completa affidabilità ed efficienza.
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    5 modalità diverse di programmazione in funzione
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    Zippo, the future of a new generation.
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    Solutions designed
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JUMPER 2.0 L’evoluzione del ponticello

Cod: 90070

JUMPER 2.0 The evolution of the electrical jumper


• Considerable savings of time and money, when making connections;
• Compact design for more room in the socket box;
• Safe installation, due to no more false contacts;
• Sturdy and easy to use, with no more bare wires;
• Reduction of tools to use to just a screwdriver for both connection and disconnection.

• Guaranteed assembly on most modular sets;
• "Phase-neutral-grounding" distinction through special markers applied on the jumpers;
• Section corresponding to 4 sq.mm. electrical wire;
• Ergonomics of the jumper, designed to have the best possible contact with the thinnest cables;
• Patented.

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Easy to work, Security & Protection

The company has focused its attention on a distinct sector: Manufacturing material for the professional electrical installations in residential areas, industrial and public lighting. The ZIPPO trademark has been driven onto the market by a young, ambitious and enterprising team who have earned an important position in the major markets in Italy and abroad.

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